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Subject: Fw: Two big wins for the environment!

YaHoo, this is great news....

----- Original Message ----- From: "NRDC - Frances Beinecke"

> Dear Dianna,
> I have terrific news to share about two of our most important
> courtroom battles.
> First, a federal court has temporarily blocked the Shell oil
> company from drilling exploratory wells this summer off the
> coast of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
> Just last month I alerted you that we were rushing to court to
> stop the drilling before it could start -- and prevent any
> chance of an oil spill blanketing the shore of the Arctic Refuge
> and turning it into a long-term toxic waste site.
> By putting Shell's operation on hold until the full case can be
> heard, the court has granted an eleventh-hour reprieve to polar
> bears and other wildlife, and shown its concern about the
> impacts of drilling. We're gearing up for a full hearing next
> week in federal court.
> **If you want to help us defeat Shell's plans in this next
> critical round, please donate here:
> https://secure.nrdconline.org/08/biogems_arctic_shell_0807
> Now the second -- and equally dramatic -- victory: with the U.S.
> Navy about to train with dangerous, mid-frequency sonar during
> nearly a dozen upcoming exercises off the southern California
> coast, a federal judge has stepped in -- at NRDC's request --
> and blocked the use of the sonar!
> We are demanding that the Navy put common-sense measures in
> place to protect whales and other marine mammals from a lethal
> technology that has caused whale strandings and deaths around
> the world.
> The court's injunction is "preliminary," which means that this
> fight is far from over. Nevertheless, it is a stunning setback
> for the Navy, and it supports our contention that whales should
> not have to die for military practice.
> **You can help us prepare for the next round of this court fight
> by donating here:
> https://secure.nrdconline.org/08/biogems_whales_0807
> These twin victories are very important steps forward in our
> campaign to thwart the Bush administration's ongoing assault on
> America's wildlife and wild places.
> And you made them possible -- through your unflagging and
> generous support of NRDC. I want to thank you, on my own behalf
> and on behalf of all the attorneys and staffers who are working
> so tirelessly on these cases.
> What a great day for the environment!
> Sincerely,
> Frances Beinecke
> President
> Natural Resources Defense Council
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