Monday, February 5, 2007

my southern hobbit

well we met year ago or more she is 22 and when we talk its funny as she will end my senteances or i sense she will i sense also what she might say ; we communicate on all levels ; her ideas burn like the sun not giveing up on her generation concerns the drugging of young folks my docters pollution issues plus very earth connected senses and dreams her photographs show this as well as her poetry deeply intuned with the universe and love of humanity as well as so many other things like her family history going into johnny appleseed and plus her grandfather being a scientist so mutch of her family is connected to sciences and unusaul exsperments know in popualar areas i posted nikky s stuff on my blogger but realized i had options with blogger ; iam computer stupid ;;;; i wanted to get nikkys matriels in one location and its born welcome nichole ortberg aye ;;;;;;;;;

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